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Establishing the Tamborine Mountain State High School Council

As a part of becoming an Independent Public School, the school is required to establish a School Council.

The purpose of the School council is to: 

  • Monitor the school’s strategic direction
  • Approve plans and policies of the school strategic nature and other documents affecting strategic matters, including the annual estimate of revenue and expenditure for the school
  • Monitor the implementation of the plans, policies and other documents mentioned above and
  • Advise the school’s Principal about strategic matters.
The role and function of the School Council is different to that of the P&C Association, which focusses on the operations of the school tuckshop and uniform sales, fundraising, providing the school with additional resources and providing general advice to the Principal about various school matters.

The establishment of the School Council includes the following stages:

1. School Council Constitution  Consult with the school community and seek approval from staff and parents to develop and endorse a constitution.
2. Membership Elections  Undertake elections of parent, staff and student representatives.
3. Appointed Members   Approach and appoint “Appointed Members” to join School Council.
4. Elect Chairperson  Elect a Chairperson and Secretary
5. School Council Training  Undertake training of the school council members to assist them to know what and how they can contribute effectively as individuals and as a council.
6. Commence Work  Prioritise and commence working on the modification, development and approval of the schools’ strategic plans and the monitoring of school progress and performance.
To establish the constitution of the School Council, the Principal must consult with the school community before holding meetings of parents and staff to vote to adopt the proposed constitution. A proposed constitution has been developed based heavily on the model constitution provided to schools.

TMSHS Model Constitution - emailed to parents and available on school website from the 14th September 2017.

Approval to adopt this proposed constitution will occur at the following times through secret ballot.
Special Staff Briefing –Friday 13th October 2017
Special P&C Meeting Date- Tuesday 24th   October 2017 6:30pm
  • Special P&C Association Meeting in Central Park Meeting room. A regular P&C meeting will follow this special meeting.

Election of Staff members – Wednesday 22nd November 2017
  • Central Park Common room (during school day).
Election of Parent members – Thursday 21st November 2017 6:30pm
  • Special P&C Association Meeting in Central Park Meeting room. A regular P&C meeting will follow this special meeting.
Election of student membersWednesday 22nd November 2017
  • During school day.

Tamborine Mountain State High School Council

The establishment of the School Council requires consultation to determine the size and makeup of the School Council. A range of each membership type allowed is indicated below. Ensuring appropriate representation of groups and maintaining a workable group size were key factors considered.
The final position will be to establish a 9 member School Council as outlined below. While greater staff and parent representation is possible, the overall group size was considered a key reason not to increase the number of these elected positions.
Membership type
Minimum Allowed
Maximum Allowed
School Decision
P&C President
Elected Parents
Elected Staff
Appointed Members



Whether you are a current parent, prospective parent or browsing out of curiosity, I hope you enjoy the information offered on Tamborine Mountain State High School. This information will continue to grow over the next twelve months.
Our school is an extraordinary school, made so by a culture of excellence that has spanned the lifetime of the school.
Whilst it may be true to say we enjoy one of the loveliest school settings, the Gold Coast hinterland, our appeal as a school rests in our strong sense of community, the values we celebrate, our commitment to the individual learning needs of all students and providing a balanced education that addresses the academic, social, emotional and physical aspects of our students' lives. 
Websites are useful but are rarely able to capture the true magic of a place. Tamborine Mountain State High School is a unique school, defined by its beautiful students, dedicated staff and supportive community – this is our magic.





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