Griffith University Partnerships


As a Griffith Connect Partnership school, students at TMSHS can benefit from a range of Griffith programs, including the following:

Griffith Connect Guaranteed Admission Scheme

This scheme grants OP eligible students, who meet the Griffith Connect prerequisite criteria, based on Year 11 and Semester 1 Year 12 results, guaranteed admission into a range of Griffith University programs.

GUESTS Program

Through the Griffith University Early Start to Tertiary Studies (GUESTS) Program, motivated students can study a university course (subject) while at high school. They can experience the challenge and excitement of university life, and have the chance to receive guaranteed entry into Griffith University.

GUESTS students who complete one university course and achieve a Pass or better will receive a Guaranteed Offer of Entry to a wide range of undergraduate degree programs at Griffith University.

GUESTS students receive one bonus admission rank towards other Griffith University degree program preferences3

Griffith ENG (Engineering)nProgram

The Griffith School of Engineering offers Year 11 and 12 students the opportunity to study the equivalent of a first year first semester Griffith University engineering course. Griffith ENG is an excellent opportunity for students to experience a university course whilst completing their senior studies.

Griffith ENG is a two-stage program. Stage one, A Taste of Engineering, in the form of two intensive on campus experience days, is offered to selected Year 11 students in Semester 2, who express a genuine interest in pursuing a career in Engineering. Students learn about what engineers do, the scope of the professions and ethical issues. In this course there is a strong emphasis on teamwork with students working in small teams on the practical component of the course.

Students who complete the Taste of Engineering stage of the Griffith ENG program to a satisfactory standard and meet the Admission criteria will be eligible to proceed to stage two in Semester 1 of Year 12. In Year 12 students will attend the 1007ENG Engineering Fundamentals (on Gold Coast campus) or 1001ENG – Engineering Practice & Sustainability (at Nathan campus) lectures and complete the end of program examination.

Griffith Biology Program

Griffith Biology Year 11 and 12 Program is a two-year, part-time university course designed for students to get a head start on a health, medical or medical science career. Griffith Biology incorporates

  • practical classes
  • clinical laboratories
  • demonstrations and
  • lectures

These add value to the secondary school biology subject and enables students to experience an integrated university course whilst completing their senior studies.

On successful completion of Griffith Biology Program, students may be eligible for guaranteed entry to related courses, and to receive 10 credit points of specified or unspecified credit towards an undergraduate degree program which gives them savings on their HECS-HELP loan.

Griffith Business Program

The GriffithBUSINESS Year 12 Program aims to help students make the transition from the supported framework of school, to the flexible and autonomous nature of tertiary studies.

Students can choose from three strands: Business Management, Commerce, or Tourism, Hotel, Event and Sport Management.

Program benefits:

  • Participate in a blended program of QSA and Griffith University curriculum, improving your preparation for university.
  • Experience life on campus.
  • Get to know Griffith University academic staff.
  • If students meet the necessary achievement levels for the GriffithBUSINESS Year 12 Program, they will have the option to apply for a Guaranteed offer of Entry into the Griffith Business School degree or double degree of their choice.

Program eligibility

Students are eligible to apply if they are:

  • Studying a relevant Business or History subject.
  • About to enter Year 12.
  • A high achieving student (VHA or HA level in at least one relevant subject).
  • Achieving a Sound Achievement (SA) in English
  • Supported by the school principal or business teacher

Gold Coast and Logan Campus Priority Access System

Students from TMSHS who have not previously been to a university will be given a bonus of one OP band or two ranks in the allocation of places available at the Gold Coast and Logan campus. This bonus is applied automatically to QTAC applications. (Exceptions: B Medical Science; B Oral Health in Dental Science).

Other Programs

Griffith Chemistry program, Griffith Go Health - Exercise Science and Griffith Physics are also available.


Another benefit of the Griff courses is that they contribute points towards your QCE.

Last reviewed 31 October 2019
Last updated 31 October 2019