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17 & 18 August 2023

Representative Sport

Welcome to Tamborine Mountain State High School Representative Sport. This is the basic information you need to know about representative sport for the school. However if you have any questions, please contact or call the office on 55457222. ​

School Sport 2023

School Sport 2023 is co-ordinated by Mr Severn and involves the timetabled Wednesday School Sport program.

Representative Sport

Representative Sport includes: Interhouse Sport – There are three school sports carnivals throughout the year. These are Swimming, (Years 7 – 12), Cross Country, (Years 7 – 12) and Athletics, Years 7 – 12). Participation is the key and Yarga, Waiburra, Curtis and Holt houses battle for points to win each carnival. From these carnivals, students can nominate to compete at the next level (Broadwater Carnival).

Our sporting houses

Our sporting houses are based on the first letter students' surnames

  • YARGA = A-E
  • CURTIS = F-K
  • HOLT = S-Z

Broadwater (District) Sport (10 – 19 year olds)

Broadwater sport has three major carnivals and Tamborine Mountain State High School take a bus to Cross Country and Athletics. The Broadwater Swimming Carnival is during the day and transport is to be organised by parent/caregivers. Nominations for these carnivals are made by the school.

Generally, the top two place getters for athletics, top 10 for Cross Country and top two place getters for swimming progress through to these events. There is also a wide range of Broadwater sport trials throughout the year that can be attended by students. Students or parents must nominate before the 5th March for any Broadwater sport trials. These are held at various venues and times. Students cannot participate unless a Medical and Parent Consent form is checked by the school and then handed to the convenor on the day of the trial. Download the Medical and consent forms.

Travel to these trials is to be organised by parents/caregivers. Students can leave school at 2.30pm (sign out at Student Services) to make the 3.30pm trials.

South Coast (Regional) Sport (10 – 19 Year Olds)

If students qualify, they can be selected to represent the Broadwater District at South Coast carnivals. Students will be notified if they are selected for South Coast competition, which then leads to state, and national competitions.


Please check the dates of the Broadwater (District) and South Coast (Regional) trials. These can be changed by the Broadwater convenor, so please check them a week before and then a day before the trial. Wet weather alerts will also be available on the school Facebook page.

It is the Student/ Caregivers responsibility to arrange transport to trials.

Nomination closing date for all Broadwater sports is early March. (except Cross Country and Athletics)

SSSC Medical and Consent Forms

Please be advised that ALL STUDENTS must now be complete these documents only using the online version. These documents can be found on the SSSC website. Permission and details booklet.​

Students / Parents must then print out the online-completed documents and have them signed by school administration.

Students must then bring these fully completed forms to the District/regional trials and hand it in to the district managers prior to competition.


If the steps above are not followed, the students will not be allowed to compete.

Last reviewed 31 January 2023
Last updated 31 January 2023