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Rules and policies

If you have an enquiry about a policy which isn't yet listed here, please contact us

Afterschool hours (PDF, 22 KB)

Anti-bullying policy (PDF, 131 KB)

School bullying deprives students of a safe learning environment. Here at our school, it is an issue that is taken very seriously.
Assessment is an integral part of the school curriculum. It assists in the development of important skills. Assessment varies in nature from subject to subject. This policy covers topics from drafting through to monitoring and due dates.
Students who breach this rule may be asked to write an essay as a consequence of their behaviour.  This document outlines what they should put in their response.

Classroom Detentions (PDF, 36 KB)

Code of conduct for school bus travel (458 KB)

Important information for students, their parents and carers. 

Curriculum plan (PDF, 404 KB)

This document provides an overview of our curriculum targets and priorities.

This policy outlines the procedures for managing drug related incidents.   

Homework policy (PDF, 125 KB)

This policy outlines both the purpose of homework, and the expectation of how much homework students should be doing each week. 

Literacy policy (PDF, 167 KB)

This is a whole school policy which outlines the use and benefits of literacy across the curriculum.

Making a complaint (71 KB)

Here we provide information to help ensure that any complaint is dealt with in a fair and equitable manner.

Managing student absences and enforcing enrolment and attendance at state schools (128 KB)

This policy provides the procedure for managing student absences and enforcing parents' obligations to ensure children are enrolled and attend school on every day or participate full time in their eligible option.

This report documents a summary of results of the annual Next Step survey for Tamborine Mountain State High School. The Next Step survey, undertaken by the Queensland Government, targets all students who completed Year 12 and gained a Senior Statement in 2014. You can also download the full Next Step report (PDF, 1.0 MB)

Helping students develop numeracy skills enhances and enriches teaching and learning in all subject areas.  

This policy reflects the importance the school places on students displaying courtesy, consideration and respect for others whenever they are using personal technology devices.

This policy is for students based on The Code of School Behaviour.

Chewing gum policy (PDF, 641 KB)

The principle of selective updating is linked to the premise that courses are structured to support and promote student achievement along a developmental continuum.

Staff wellbeing (PDF, 218 KB)

We value the wellbeing of our staff.

Student protection fact sheet (120 KB)

Student protection is crucial.  This document outlines the steps to take if you have concerns.
The school uniform is valued by the school community for encouraging a sense of self-esteem, belonging and self-discipline in students. The School and the P&C have agreed on the expectations of students with regard to uniform and personal appearance.

If you cannot access any of these documents please contact us at the school office and we will provide a copy for you.​